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I work front line healthcare and am writing this review May 2022 during the omicron B.A.2 surge of coronavirus. I received my order from EzCloud and examined the items thoroughly. Me and others I work with (and patients) use O2 Canada masks and we all need filter replacements. People are relying on me to advise them where to buy. Result: YES, we should buy these.

Me and my assistant examined the O2 originals and EZCloud branded filters under backlit magnification as well as breath and fit testing and they are *identical* in appearance and function. The O2 originals we got are identical to O2Canada (Lot number 2004121-090220-VF original and Lot number 200417-082620-VF max air) even the printing proportions, ink quality, polymer bag thickness and package perforation are the same. They are legitimate.

The EZCloud replacement filters are also identical to O2Canada originals, they are clearly using the original die-cutter die to punch them and the fibers and layers are identical to O2Canada. Especially the ever-important exterior layers are obviously identical. The packaging is different (clear bags, thicker polymer). If anything, the EZCloud packaging seems more robust for keeping them electrostatically fresh for more years of shelf life. The filter material has the proper external layers that are critical to filtration and the blown fiber layer is slightly more tightly uniform than O2Canada, but that may just be a machine setting that day and may not be true of all batches.

Finally, the new O2Canada high bridge Curve mask was authentic O2Canada product, without the wasteful red box and had the original carry bag. The printing on the instruction pamphlet is completely identical down to the paper quality and original text, imagery and ink colors. The silicone seal and straps and molded plastic are all original as far as we can tell, I can update this review next year but these masks last a long, long time. (Everyone wants them for outdoor wear during wildfire season, so I plan to use mine post-pandemic for low air quality times in the future.)

We checked everything thoroughly, it's all genuine, and as this is the safest, most hypoallergenic mask solution for me doing in-home heathcare around families who do not mask or cannot mask. They depend on me to be well and working, and to not get them sick as I travel between households. I am deeply relieved that EZCloud is continuing to keep replacements available for O2canada products. I feel confident putting lives in the hands of these filters and other replacements and will be recommending this vendor to everyone who is using the O2 curve mask or tactical mask.

As for the other reviewer who didn't think these were the same filters, maybe they didn't unwrap fully for testing or didn't have any original O2Canada filters to compare. We had all: our previously ordered O2Canada originals, EZCloud's stock of O2Canada originals, and EZCloud next generation (Lot # 210271-011322-V) all side by side comparing). The original O2canada replacement filters I got last year had bags that were ALSO printed by ~200-300dpi printing. That's actually how the O2canada filter bags have always looked.

When you compare O2canada and EZcloud unopened filter products, the O2Canada product has a white opaque bag backing where EZCloud is clear on both sides, and it's impossible to compare (even with backlight or magnification) without opening and taking the filters out of the bag. Since as soon as you do that the electrostatic qualities of the filter begin their work, most people wouldn't waste them to make a full open comparison.

TL;DR buy with confidence, you're getting real stuff.

R. P. Amazon Customer May 2022

WOW!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! They went ABOVE and BEYOND!! Never have I received such an excellent service from any previous seller before. Very Fast shipping, GREAT and quick Communication!! A++++ Will buy again!! Honestly, very Happy! Thank you!!

k**p eBay Customer Dec 2021

Definitely held up to its name. I was rather impressed. Will be getting some extra filters because I will be getting alot of use out of it. Great buy!

Bomani Etsy Customer May 2022

So excited to find a small business in Chicago created a replacement electrostatic filter to support all of the O2Canada masks - respirators like my O2 Canada curve 1.2 High Bridge | Low Bridge. It even fits my new Tactical Model Tactical Respirator TR1! Great packaging and EzCloud Solutions provided fast and FREE shipping from the USA! 😁 They even have the Max Air filters I. The Red Labled Packages. EzSanitize.Life is definitely the way to go for all those #O2moments in life! Thanks EzCloud!!!

Dana Amazon Customer May 2022

Everything I wanted and more! I am very happy that I and my family will be able to continue using the O2 Curve with these replaceable filters from EzCloud. Thank you!!

Dr. J L Amazon Customer Feb 2022

This is the best fitting, most comfortable & eco-friendly mask of all that I have tried since the pandemic began. I am a breast cancer survivor, & I have remained COVID free, despite many visits to the VA & Stanford Hospitals. This eller is cordial, generous & appreciative of new customers. Highly recommend! A+

Lamb Amazon Customer May 2022